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Working Pointers

Here at Castlepoint GSPs we acknowledge that the German Shorthaired Pointer evolved as a continental hunter's dog and in accordance with it's origins and instinctive attributes we strive to work each generation through to field trial standard.  Prior to emigrating to New Zealand our dogs were worked each season on grouse moors and rough shoots on various quarry game species including pheasant, partridge, snipe, woodcock and many varieties of wild fowl.  Since leaving the UK we mainly work our dogs on water fowl and quail together with the occasional wallaby shoot.

Although the GSP makes a wonderful family pet we must not lose sight of his natural working ability; the inherent instinct to hunt, point and retrieve.  To do so will only result in the dilution of a truly versatile gun dog.  Therefore to breed purely as a pet, a show dog or for monetary gain would be doing a disservice to this wonderful breed and in consequence future generations will not benefit from the hard-work of the early pioneers who developed the breed.

At Castlepoint German Shorthaired Pointers we aim to maintain the duality of the breed for the field and in the show ring, whilst ensuring they remain amongst the best of family companions.

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