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Castlepoint Working Pointers

Home of the dual purpose German Shorthaired Pointer.  


Our German stock is based on solid foundations and can be traced directly back to Midlander, Inchmarlo and Keldy origins.  The Midlander bloodline has remained constant from the 1950's through to the 1990's,  producing successes both in the show ring and the field.   The final Midlander litter being born in 2007 in the joint names of Mic Layton and Catherine Sellin.

We are a small kennel producing the occasional litter.  We ensure that each stud dog chosen suits our line and has the proven qualities of a dual purpose German Shorthaired Pointer.

Our aim is to produce puppies and dogs that are a pleasure to live with, have the attributes to make them the perfect shooting companion in tandem with conformation to accord with the breed standard.

Our passion for the German Shorthaired Pointer began in the early 1990s when we started hunting with a bird of prey.  This necessitated a hunting companion to find the game for our Harris Hawk, Maya.  After many months of research, visiting Crufts, Spring Pointing and Working Tests and speaking to many enthusiasts across the Hunt, Point & Retrieve Group we finally settled on the GSP.

We were lucky enough to be supported in our endeavours by Mic and David Layton of the famous Midlander Kennel.  They put us in touch with Judith and Trevor Horsefield and our first GSP joined the family in the early 1990s: Sasfrids Withe Willow.

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